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Regular meetings to ignite a conversation about thought-provoking, impactful topics and connect on our experiences, feelings, wisdom and life lessons.
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The Tribe Mens group is monthly meeting where the format and topics are casual and relaxed. The conversation is real and practical. The guys who attend are the same ones you’d grab a beer, watch a game or hang out with your kids with. We take a couple of hours to have some honest conversation about challenges and growth opportunities that are shared (roles, career, family) and about specific issues that someone might want to share or to ask for support. By the end of the evening, you’ll have learned something, I guarantee it - whether it’s about yourself or the world around you - and you’ll be glad you spent the time.
Craig D, Tribe Member
Sample Topics

Past Discussions

Adult Male Depression

The men had an opportunity to do some deep sharing about their relationship with depression.


We discussed the nuances of the sexual harrasment/assault and how we contribute to these problems in our own lives as well as some actions to put into practice in our own relationships in order to heal these wounds.


We discussed the importance of a authentic male friendships as well as a podcast titles “The Profound Loneliness of American Men”


Helping men connect with themselves and their partner using the simple tool of the five different languages

Emotional Labor

Defined and discussed to help the men view the world through the eyes of a woman and deepen the relationship with their present or future partner


We discussed 4 male archetypes as presented by Carl Jung and how these archetypes play a role in our lives.


When is it useful and when is it not?

Radical Responsibility

We invited the men look at certain difficult situations in their life through a different lens and to see how they might take ownership for it. We discussed the drama triangle (hero, victim, & villain) with some specificity and which role we sometimes choose.

The "What ifs" of fatherhood

Discussion based on 8 ways to look at parenting differently toward being a more self-aware parent.  Each man was asked to focus on one of these between now and the next meeting with an opportunity to present any realizations as a result of their new focus.

The Work

Used Byron’s Katie’s 4 questions and turnaround as a means to take the edge off of our judgements.  


We gave the men a tool to improve the relationships with the most important people in their life (life partner, children, friends, coworkers) by helping them “locate” themselves more frequently. This video was used as the foundation for the meeting.


Each man shard thoughts and perspectives when it came to race.  We recognized our issues and challenged each other to transform the discussion to action.  

Vision Statement 

We discussed the importance of a personal vision statement and began to develop our own.

Making Environmentally Friendly Choices

Looked at our individual relationship to the environment and how we can make changes for the better.


We are accountable for our actions as well as the impact that it has on our lives. We used the apologies made by Louis CK and Kevin Spacey as comparison of examples of accountability.


We considered and discussed whether there are situations in our lives where we are not lying to the people in our life, yet we withhold our truth and how that impacts our relationship with others and ourselves.

Hard Choices, Easy Life

Easy Choices, Hard Life- how does this quote fit into your life? Also discussed the tragedy that happened in Charleston, VA and the article Calling All Complacent White Straight Males

Play Like We’re 8 Years Old

Our annual summer PLAY meeting consisting of pool games, pickleball, basketball & Cocktails. (This is a group favorite.)