Dog Paddling

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Last week, I was hanging by the pool with my wife and 26 year old daughter when my daughter suggested we have a doggy paddle “competition.” I was reading a book at the time so wasn’t particularly interested. They weren’t going to let me bring them down so they jumped in and started paddling. After a little bit more coaxing, …

The Qualities of a Gentleman

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I wanted to share a blog post I wrote over 9 years ago. The point was and is not political. The point was and is aspirational. On February 15th, President Obama honored 15 individuals at the annual Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony. The Medal of Freedom is the highest civilian award in the U.S. It recognizes those individuals who have made “an especially meritorious contribution to the …

Carrying Within

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Recently, spurred on by what’s been happening in this country since George Floyd’s death, we’ve been immersed in several discussions centered around systemic racism in this country and what impact that has on black and brown skinned people and all of humanity.   I certainly can’t speak to everyone’s early education on American History but I’m going to make some generalizations …

Finding Harmony

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Breathe in… To live in a more harmonious world by deepening connections amongst men Breathe out… These prompts are reminders for me, as much if not more than, they are for anyone reading this.   Between breaths is our vision for the Tribe.   As we move into our 4th month of living during a global pandemic and bear witness to the nationwide …

A Tragic Death and the Memory of a Missed Opportunity

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By now you’ve hopefully heard the story of how George Floyd’s life ended.  I am deeply saddened, angered and disappointed to learn of yet another black man’s life ending prematurely and in such a brutal and senseless way.  He was murdered by a man hired and sworn to protect and serve his community.   I could go on and on about what a …

Tribe Men's Group Life is Unfair Post

Life is Unfair

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I had a rather unusual Friday night.  It was unusual because I was home all by myself.  I had worked from home and my wife had taken the kids to an early evening “play date” after picking my oldest up from preschool. After enjoying a lovely solo dinner out, I came home and started getting the house in order for the arrival of my family and well, to simply just “put it in order”. I began to think how unfair life is.

Disprove Your Story…by golly

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One of the great things for me about exercise, especially the kind that is somewhat monotonous, or rather, “trance-like” (as is the case with running) is how it allows my mind to move in ways it otherwise wouldn’t.  Both biking and running seem to get the juices flowing unlike any other type of exercise and even other activities.  I’m not an expert …