Tribe Men's Group Life is Unfair Post

Life is Unfair

I had a rather unusual Friday night.  It was unusual because I was home all by myself.  I had worked from home and my wife had taken the kids to an early evening “play date” after picking my oldest up from preschool. After enjoying a lovely solo dinner out, I came home and started getting the house in order for the arrival of my family and well, to simply just “put it in order”. I began to think how unfair life is.

Meet The Tribe: Shaun Emerson

Meet the Tribe is an ongoing blog post providing more insight into the men who are members of our community. In our inaugural post, we introduce you to Shaun Emerson

A Glimpse of Understanding

I am visiting my brother who lives in Snoqualmie, WA which is about 30 minutes east of Seattle. After dropping off my 16-year-old daughter off for a lunch date, I had about an hour to kill so I decided to hike a few miles away.  I went up the path enjoying the beautiful trees, birds, and squirrels, and my internal …

Tribe 2.0 Update

The Tribe men’s group is excited to announce its new status as a not for profit organization!  The current group began February 2012 in Todd’s living room with a few others longing for authentic conversation and connection amongst men.  Since that 1st meeting seven years ago, we’ve brought men together each month in an effort to break down barriers and redefine …

Response to the Gillette Commercial

There’s a been quite a bit of on-line dialogue in the last 24 hours regarding the new Gillette commercial “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” If you haven’t seen it, please take a look here. It’s been viewed over 5 million times and the response has been all over the board. Over 100,000 people have given it a thumbs up in appreciation, yet over 400,000 people have given it a thumbs down. I’m intrigued by the quantity and severity of some of the negative responses/comments about this commercial. I find this commercial to be inspiring because it illustrates that we men can collectively be better tomorrow than we are today. Isn’t that the goal of all people?