Tribe Men's Group

About US

We are a not-for-profit men's group located in the Chicagoland area; creating a space for men to gather and share their experiences, feelings, wisdom, and life lessons.

Our Story

We are a not-for-profit men's group located in the Chicagoland area. Through our monthly meetings, annual retreats, social activities, and volunteering opportunities, we create a space for men to gather and share their experiences, feelings, wisdom, and life lessons. We help develop in men the skills needed to be the best version of themselves for themselves, their families and their community. We welcome and invite men of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in showing up in this world as their authentic selves and ready for deeper connection.

We come to the Tribe with varied backgrounds and experiences to engage in discussions and activities rooted in living a conscious life as a man in the 21st century. We feel that in today’s society being self-reliant is what’s most highly valued and praised. While we see value in independence and self-reliance for many aspects of our lives it can, and often does, come at the expense of community. Men have in some ways forgotten how to connect with (and rely on) other men, our wives, partners, families and our communities beyond simply the “surface” level. Our hope is that by actively participating in this men’s group we can reestablish this necessary sense of community by leaning on, challenging and encouraging one another.

The current group began February 2012 in Todd’s living room with a few others longing for authentic conversation and connection amongst men. Since that 1st meeting seven years ago, we’ve brought men together each month in an effort to break down barriers and redefine the current concept of masculinity. We’ve since hosted over 100 events (including an annual 4 day retreat (5 years running!)) covering a wide array of topics including relationships, depression, privilege, gender equality, cultivating creativity, and practicing play (like during our annual summer meeting “play like you did when you were 7”). The Tribe continually strives to strike a balance between embracing discomfort by living at our “edge” and cultivating a joy filled life by offering support and sharing space with one another.


To live in a more harmonious world by deepening connections amongst men.


We create a space to challenge and support men in living their best lives through authentic conversations, facilitated practices and community engagement.

Grounding Forces

Everything we do in the Tribe is centered around authentic, honest conversations and practices, with a growth and curiosity mindset thereby shaping a new definition of masculinity – that of connection, vulnerability, growth, authenticity and play.

Monthly Meeting

Each month, founders Todd Adams and Frank Naugo present a topic to tribe members to ignite a conversation. The format is casual and relaxed; the conversation is real and practical. The guys who attend are the type you would grab a beer with, watch a game or hang with you and your kids. In addition to the specific topic, we open it up to have honest conversations about your challenges and growth opportunities as well as specific issues you might be wrestling with. The Tribe is here to support each other.  Check out our upcoming meetings here.

Yearly Retreat

Each year we take time out of our busy schedules to reconnect with ourselves, with one another and with nature. For a few days away from our normal distractions, we create a space that fosters authentic conversation, personal discovery, youthful play and deep connection to support your personal growth journey and to form bonds that will stand the test of time.  Check out our upcoming retreats here.

Group Membership

We provide a variety of options for men to engage and support the organization. Men may choose to “dip their toe in” before making a commitment and we wholeheartedly welcome that approach. Over time, men can and have connected more deeply to our mission and we certainly could not grow without their backing. Visit our Group Membership page to review all the offerings.

Online Community

We have our very own online social platform where members are invited to share blogs/videos/resources as a vehicle to more deeply connect our community. Additionally, we offer a Virtual Membership to make it easier for men all over the country and world to connect with one another through virtual monthly meetings.

Non-Profit Status

We formally created a 501c3 in 2019 in order to reach our vision of being the catalyst of connection for thousands of men and boys throughout all walks of life; providing resources, teachings and a safe space to more fully know ourselves, build a bridge to healthy masculinity and make the world a better place. Our non-profit status enables us to more easily to work with other organizations as well as making it easier to raise the necessary support to fund the programs of The Tribe.